Eye, heart & Soul

International Fine art Street

photography label

"Eye, Heart & Soul's mission is to empower fine art Street photographers worldwide"

Marius "VICE" Vieth

Eye, Heart & Soul was founded in Amsterdam by 21-times award-winning fine art street photographer VICE. The label aims to empower fine art street photographers worldwide by offering an influential global stage for their artworks. Besides, EHS offers educational material as well as coaching to improve the quality and reputation of fine art street photography worldwide.

As an international fine art photography label, EHS does not place any value on formal degrees. It only matters to what degree fine art photographers are able to express their eye, heart and soul through their unique signature. Founder and autodidact VICE himself was rejected by the world's top galleries in 2013 simply because he didn't have a formal photography education.

EHS is based in the most creative and liberal city in the world: Amsterdam. With 186 nationalities, it is also the most international city. In order to not only protect, but also encourage artistic and human freedom worldwide, EHS embraces artists and art lovers from any background, gender, sexual orientation and ethnicity.