vice ehs eye heart and soul

Why don't you read the headline out loud twice: 

The first time, you pronounce the "In A Million". The second time you pronounce with all your heart


Which one feels better to you?

If you ask me, you are ONE in 7.5 Billion, because no one else has your Eye, Heart & Soul! It's your creative goldmine for amazing photos!

Ready to enter and dig up street photo gold?


Your eye, heart & Soul...

amsterdam vice eye heart and soul your biggest source of inspiration! It's the origin of all golden moments in your photos. Unique and outstanding photos are driven by how you see, feel and live life.

If you want to become the best you could ever be, you have what it takes! Any photography master in history just captured their eye, heart and soul.

Street Photography is the gift, Cartier-Bresson, Leiter and Winogrand gave you. Your own style is your gift back! Your fingerprints, life story and personality are 100% unique in history.

You are without competition, because no one has access to your creative DNA! If you want to capture outstanding photos, you have to capture something that is outstanding:

Your Self!