Eye, Heart & Soul
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EHS: The world's first fine art Street Photography Label

Eye, Heart & Soul EMPOWERS you and your fine art street photography!


Eye, Heart & Soul (EHS)

Amsterdam // Est. 2017

"EYE, HEART & SOUL'S MISSION IS TO EMPOWER You and you and your fine art street photography!"



"I'm sorry to inform you that we can't consider you for our gallery. According to your vita, you didn't study photography."

2013, I loved fine art street photography so much that I wanted to do it for a living. However, at the time I went against all odds. Fine art street photography just wasn't a thing

When the world's biggest fine art photography art gallery rejected me, because I didn't study photography, I had it! Ever since that day I've been fighting my way into the hearts of art buyers worldwide - without a degree, art gallery or art dealer behind me.

In order to help you and your fine art street photography grow, I founded Eye, Heart & Soul. With EHS, I want to teach you everything I've learned on my journey so you don't have to struggle that hard. 

Eye, Heart & Soul as a label doesn't care whether you have a photography degree or not. It only matters to which degree you pour your eye, heart and soul into your photos!


Skyrocket your fine art street photography

What Eye, Heart & soul can do for you


Eye, Heart & Soul does not offer you mere theory.

What you learn here has been successfully applied in practice. Since I didn't have a gallery or art dealer to represent and promote me, I had to do it all on my own.

No matter how hard the journey was, it has one major advantage: You don't have to struggle as much as I did!

Every day I figure out new ways how we can all improve together!

At EHS, you mainly learn the following:

- How to shoot more creative street photos

- How to post-process your street photos

- How to get more exposure for your street photography

- How to start earning a side income with your street photos

- How to keep your motivation sky high

Shoot more Creative & professional Fine art Street Photos

You have the feeling that your street photos could be better?

Whether it comes to your signature and stye, post-processing or composition, EHS will show you how.

Sometimes a little push here and there can make a world of a difference.

I will mainly teach you my own Eye, Heart & Soul philosophy that has helped countless street photographers by now. The good thing: You can improve so much even without high-end street photography gear and loads of time on your hand.

Make sure to also check the Eye, Heart & Soul YouTube Channel to skyrocket your creativity even more.

Get the "FINEST" exposure for your street photography

At the end of the day you shoot your photos for your own sake. However, isn't it awesome to get the recognition you deserve?

Eye, Heart & Soul offers you the opportunity to show your street photos, albums and articles to a global audience!

Besides that, EHS always keeps you up to date about the world's best fine art street photography.

That way you can get a bigger stage and get inspired by the rest of the worldwide EHS Family!


Ready to join the ehs family?

Uniting the world's fine art street photographers


Welcome to the EHS family!

Eye, Heart & Soul once started out as my personal street photography philosophy. However, the motto resonated so well with street photographers around the world that it became much more!

With every mile on the road less travelled, my creative family grew. Throughout the years I've connected with thousands of street photographers worldwide that all shoot their eye, heart and soul!


Join the EHS Family today