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Ready for something fresh?

Let's explore what Fine Art Street Photography is all about!


So Nice to meet you!

I'm Vijce, the founder of EHS.

If you desire to start shooting fine art street photography, Eye, Heart & Soul is made for you!

I'm gonna explain to you step-by-step how to get started. Don't worry, everyone can learn it.

My belief in helping you improve is driven by one simple motto: Lead by example! 

Every tip, trick and strategy you learn from me I've applied successfully in practice myself. I practice what I preach!

That's what I'm all about, and that is what EHS is all about!


Definition and look

Let's learn about fine art street photography


The eye, heart & soul definition

What is fine art street photography?


Fine art street photography is about capturing golden moments around you. However, you not only capture the world in front of you - it's also about the world within you:

Your Eye, Heart & Soul!

In other words: You will see, feel and express yourself in your fine art street photos!

It's more artistic by nature, which will give your street photos a much more personal and unique touch!

Take a look at your future photos

What does fine art street photography look like?


Fine art street photos looks rather artisticaesthetic and reduced.

If street photography was a raw diamond, fine art street photography would be the cut and polished diamond.

That's why developing your photos with tools like Lightroom, Photoshop, VSCO and Snapseed plays a bigger role.

Let me show you some of my artworks. That way you'll get a feel for how diverse it can look!


you probably ask yourself by now

"Can I shoot fine art street photos, too?"


Yes, of course.

Talent in photography doesn't exist, just creative ambition!

It's all about your passion for street photography, your will to learn and the right tools, resources, lessons and coach to make it happen!

Do you see that street photo on the left? Yeah, that's how my fine art street photography journey started a few years ago!

Does it take time to learn it? Yes!

Does it take effort to practice it? Yes!

But is it possible and worth it? Oh hell yes!


Ready to bust some myths?

What fine art street photography is Not.


Let's bust some myths and give you a realistic idea of what you can achieve.

1 Fine Art Street Photography is NOT over-processed and mostly made in Photoshop.

Some photographers say that you shouldn't post-process your photos much. However, your camera already does it before you do. It tries to capture reality the way it looks, but a machine can only do so much!

You saw and felt the moment you've captured! Shouldn't you be the one who's in charge of the final look and feel then? You don't edit your street photos, you develop them into your vision!

Don't worry, you are in great company. There is a reason why some street photography masters called their darkroom their second home.


2 Fine Art Street Photography is NOT impossible to learn and master.

Yes, shooting fine art street photography does not happen over night. It's the Major League of street photography! It takes time, effort and dedication, but boy is it fun and rewarding to learn!

You are reaching for excellence. That's something to be tremendously proud of! 

Every master was once a beginner. Take me as an example. It all started as a fun hobby with my old point-and-shoot. The only thing that counts is the will to learn, improve and practice!


3 You do NOT have to conquer your fear for Fine Art Street Photography.

What if I told you that you don't even have to conquer your fear to shoot strangers? Fine art street photography generally takes a more gentle approach to taking street photos of strangers.

It's not sneaky to shoot from a distance, it's respectful. Capturing everyday beauty without interfering with it is our motto. That's what I call a real moment. Of course, it's your artistic choice to go rather close as well - but let's start from a distance!

I often approach strangers after taking a photo. It's really rewarding and fun to connect and share your passion and photo with them!