3 Inspirational Quotes and Lessons To Skyrocket Your Fine Art Street Photography


As much as fun as it is to shoot fine art street photos, it's also tiring sometimes. Every now and then, you just need a bit of a motivational boost to set your heart on fire again. I've researched 3 inspirational quotes that will skyrocket your fine art street photography today!

These insights helped me a lot throughout the years and I'm convinced they will help you as well.

Remember, these lessons are not only meant as food for thought. Rather consider them as fuel that drives your next photo walk! Immediate action is always the key to success. If you can, grab your cam afterwards and shoot at least for 2 minutes. That's the way to go!

You don't always have to hit the streets for 2 hours. It's all about continuously improving your craft. Even 2 seconds is better than nothing! 

If you want some tips on how to save time and improve, check this out!

Enjoy these quotes and may these mini lessons improve your fine art street photography!


  Colors Of The Night  by Vijce | Düsseldorf, 2013

Colors Of The Night by Vijce | Düsseldorf, 2013

"If you hear a voice within you say 'you cannot paint,' then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced."

Vincent Van Gogh

I totally get what Van Gogh was trying to say there. Ever since I started taking photos, there was a voice in my head that said: "You will never become a great street photographer!"

I think, everybody experiences this nagging, negative voice of the devil that wants to drag you down:

"3-hour photo walk and nothing to show for? Wow, you're a great street photographer!"

"Ooooh, are we scared again to get a bit closer?"

"That street photo is absolute crap! Why are you still shooting?"

No matter how intrusive that voice becomes, never ever follow it!

Use it as motivation! We all start from scratch. The only difference is how long you can swim against the current of negativity!

For half a year, my mind told me "You will never shoot a surreal street photo"...

...till I silenced that voice forever when I shot "Retina".

Keep walking, keep shooting and amazing things will happen to you!

  Downtown Abyss  by Vijce | Düsseldorf, 2013

Downtown Abyss by Vijce | Düsseldorf, 2013

"Creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye.”

Dorothy Parker

In order to be creative in fine art street photography, you have to embrace your inner chaos. Be open to anything and anyone.

Creativity is not a rock. It's a dynamic and flexible web of single elements. The more elements (ideas, facts, perspectives, opinions) float through your mind, the more creative your fine art street photos become.

Dare to shoot something different today. Dare to take a "stupid" street photo. Dare to do what no one else has done. However, learn how to curate these photo experiments. If you are not sure, give them the time they need. Sometimes it's hard to understand your own brilliance.

To me, the most incredible street photos are wild beasts that are tamed through elaborate composition! 

Go nuts, explore, take the wildest of all street photos straight from the heart!

Analyze them later at home and capture the similar shots with a more thought-out composition.

I only capture the fine art street photo above, because I just twisted my head to the side as a joke...

  Zig Zag  by Vijce | Amsterdam, 2016

Zig Zag by Vijce | Amsterdam, 2016

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take."

Wayne Gretzky

That quote by Wayne Gretzky could've just as well been from a fine art street photographer. The lesson of this quote is so simple, but absolutely true.

How could you improve if you don't even try?

Quality comes from quantity. If you don't shoot often enough, you probably won't improve much. Even if you only have 60 seconds of spare time a day, use it. Take your camera with you to work, school or university and shoot. Just 60 seconds.

If you are honest to yourself, you literally improve with every fine art street shot. You take a shot, look what you love and hate about it, then shoot with that knowledge in mind again.

Yes, returning with empty hands after a 2-hour photo walk blows. However, you've gained 2 hours of experience that improve your next shots! That's a victory right there!

Today is the day where you can take the best shot of your life!

Do you really want to miss it?