EHS Finest: 5 Breathtaking World-Class Fine Art Street Photos


Let's kick-start this weekend with our Fine Art Friday! I went through thousands of submissions for the Eye, Heart & Soul Instagram Channel to show you the best fine art street photography in the world!

Nowadays, there are millions of street photos out there. However, fine art street photos are still rather rare. They need a distinct signature style, proper processing, excellent composition and a certain level of distinctiveness and reduction.

The following five have blown me away ever since I discovered them. Make sure to follow and support Stuart Paton, Christophe Mousset, Vasco Trancoso, Ron See and Igal Pronin!

Lean back and turn your phone, laptop or tablet into your very own EHS Fine Art Gallery!


Stuart Paton 🇮🇹

Stuart's signature style is to find harmony in the chaos of the streets. Boy does he nail it over and over again. The way he plays with natural contrasts, reflections and highly interesting subjects is one-of-a-kind!  

Just look at the street photo above. The foreground and background are so well composed. That moment could be straight out of a movie if you ask me - or Detective Paton! VIJCE

"Christophe's style is absolutely incredible. He portrays the world around him not on the surface, he goes deeper. He's reading between the lines of life on the street. You not only look at his photos, you feel them. He truly pours all of his eye, heart and soul into his fine art street photographs!" VIJCE

I discovered Vasco recently, when he posted this street photo on the Eye, Heart & Soul Facebook Page. I loved it so much and featured it immediately on our EHS Instagram Channel.

Vasco's style is the perfect example how a more classical approach can be fine art, too! Although his compositions and sceneries are rather "wild", he turned it into his signature. When you go through his portfolio, you recognize his style right away..

...and that's what I call fine art street photography! VIJCE


Honestly, Ron has such a fine eye it's almost scary. Although he's still experimenting a lot, his unique style just stands out. People often say that shooting umbrellas is cliche. Although it's been overdone the last years, it never grows old. Never.

If you shoot a rainy scene like Ron did with such an incredible feel for the moment, hats off! The tonality is so mellow and gentle in a way, while the moment seems so raw and "straight from the street". VIJCE

Igal Pronin 🇷🇺

What a banger! Sorry, but with this one just blew me away. It's so iconic, isn't it? It doesn't even matter whether it's staged or not - it's fine art street photography at its best! Look at the intense natural contrasts, the perfect silhouettes, the emotional tension of the reduced subjects and the minimalist composition. Absolutely incredible! VIJCE