EHS FINEST: 5 Excellent Fine Art Street Photographers

  Strangers In The Night  by  Vijce  | Amsterdam, 2016

Strangers In The Night by Vijce | Amsterdam, 2016

Today, I would love to present to you 5 highly creative street photographers:

Louis Maniquet from France, Knoxbertie from Australia, Prateek from India and Justyna Zdunczyk and Michal Orlinski from Poland.

They all have their very own signature style to approach street photography. Some take a more raw and journalistic approach, others capture life between the lines. No matter which direction these street photographers are taking, they all produce breathtaking street photos.

Ready for street photography excellence? For every photo, I left a little comment for the featured photographers. I wrote it in a way, that you can also learn from these brilliant pieces of art!


Louis Maniquet 🇫🇷


Louis, your photo is simply mind-blowing to me. From further away, it looks like a mechanical eye. That's what great fine art photography does: it opens up a new world for viewers! The symmetry and range of structures is fantastic! Vijce


Prateek 🇮🇳


Prateek, you are brilliant! What a vivid moment you've captured. This candid moment really lives off the vibrant atmosphere the birds create. The hidden human elements are the secondary subjects as far as I see it. The composition is on point! Vijce


Knoxbertie 🇦🇺


Knoxbertie, you are a true artist to me. I love street photographers who are able to shoot between the lines. You do exactly that. It's not about showing life how it is - it's about how you perceive it. The atmosphere you create is a beautiful melancholy that reminds me of my clinical depression in the most inspiring way possible. Vijce


Justyna, you are such a creative street photographer. I was recently in Tokyo and when I stumbled upon your album about the metropolis, it impressed me deeply. You have such a fine feel for moments and people! The photo works so well since the viewer focuses immediately on the old lady. Hopefully, that grandma didn't kick your ass afterwards. Vijce


Michal Orlinski 🇵🇱


Michal, you never cease to amaze me. Some of your street photos are world-class and beyond such as the one above. My goodness, the way you captured these three soldiers is astonishing. The snow, the natural contrasts with the dark uniform and bright background - brilliant! Vijce

  Mask of Society  by  Vijce  | Düsseldorf, 2013

Mask of Society by Vijce | Düsseldorf, 2013

I hope you enjoyed the precious gems that I presented to you here. Make sure to follow all of them, share their work and spread the word! You'll find more creative street photographers on our Instagram Channel, Twitter and Facebook Page.