EHS Finest: 7 Exceptional Fine Art Street Photos


Eye, Heart & Soul's mission is to empower fine art street photographers around the world. That's why I'm presenting you 7 magical fine art street photos and the creative souls behind them today. All 7 were featured on the Eye, Heart & Soul Instagram Channel to showcase their excellent work and give them more exposure!

I'll try to explain every time why I consider these photos excellent. That way, you can improve your fine art street photos as well! Enjoy this curated fine art photography list and stay awesome:


Fine Art Street Photography Olivier Avez Eye Heart and Soul

Olivier Avez ðŸ‡«ðŸ‡·


"Félicitations, Olivier! What an instant classic that shot is. It's so full of energy and power that it just blows me away! We are immediately attracted by the eyes. However, the motion of the finger lends so much vitality to the shot. What I really love is the details on the skin that make the whole shot so incredibly realisticdespite it's monochrome nature." Vijce

Fine Art Street Photography nusevoice Ehs Eye Heart and Soul

Nusevoice ðŸ‡ºðŸ‡¸


"Although I personally interpret fine art street photography in a rather minimalist way as you've probably seen, I still appreciate an authentic, well-executed "raw" approach to it! This photo perfectly represents that concept to me! Despite the fact that it's rather "raw", the gorgeous tones, leading lines from the hat down to the umbrella and the unique outfit turn this fine art street photo into a unique artwork to me! Nusevoice, you rock!" Vijce

Fine Art Street Photography Stephen Jonathan Ehs Eye Heart and Soul

Stephen Jonathan ðŸ‡¬ðŸ‡§


"Wonderful aesthetics in this fine art street photo! The look on Nathalie Portman's face attracts the viewer immediately. Besides the amazing composition, it almost feels like it's Nathalie Portman herself reading the magazine. Keep up the great work, Stephen!" Vijce

Fine Art Street Photography Vice Cristi Hancu Eye Heart and Soul

Cristi Hancu ðŸ‡·ðŸ‡´


"It makes me so happy to see how silhouettes and abstraction in street photography has gained traction! When I started capturing silhouettes in 2013, you rarely saw it and it was almost frowned upon. This fine art street photo by Cristi Hancu perfectly shows how to do it well! Wonderful surreal feel to the upper part while the realistic bottom half takes you back to reality. On top of that, the editing is on point and the natural contrasts rather strong! Keep em comin', Cristi!" Vijce

Fine Art Street Photography Laura Mc Gregor Ehs Eye Heart and Soul

Laura McGregor ðŸ‡¬ðŸ‡§


"Come on, do I really need to say why I love this fine art street photo? The structures, the insane natural contrasts, the tonality, the central subject, the trippy and futuristic vibes. This one has it all! I see huge potential in Laura! She regularly knocks me out with her photos and I'm eagerly awaiting her next fine art street photo!" Vijce

Fine Art Street Photography gil tamin Ehs Eye Heart and Soul

Gil Tamin ðŸ‡¨ðŸ‡¦


"What a gorgeous interpretation of fine art street photography. I just love how you captured the guy perfectly in front of the sunset in this magnificent urban scenery! The post-processing is really spot on and highlights the elegance of the fleeting moment." Vijce

Fine Art Street Photography devansh rangani Ehs Eye Heart and Soul

Devansh Rangani ðŸ‡®ðŸ‡³


"What a shot, really! My goodness, the smoke, the eyes, the skin, the low-contrast post-processing, the whole vibe. This photo just sucks you in immediately! Devansh, keep up your incredible wedding photography, but keep that fine art street photo gold coming! We can't wait to see more!" Vijce