EHS Finest: 7 Fine Art Street Photos That Will Blow You Away


EHS proudly presents to you Yann Macherez from France, Geometrieva from Singapore, Franz & Sally Steiner from the US, Antonio Valletta from Italy, Alex Robertson from the U.K. and Renaud Julian from France!

All of these incredibly creative photographers blew me away with their fine art photos. As far as I evaluate it, what you are about to witness is world-class fine art photography!

Make sure to take a close look at the photos and take it as golden inspiration for your own street photos. You can learn so much about composition, tones, natural contrasts, subjects and light from these shots.

As much as I love curating the fine art street photography world, boy does it make me work harder! If you just started out with street photography, don't worry. The golden recipe for success is patience, commitment and pouring all of your eye, heart and soul into your photos!

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Yann Macherez 🇫🇷

"The look of the man catches your attention immediately. It's almost impossible to look anywhere else - although there is so much more going on in the photo! Incredible!" Vijce


"This moment conveys such a strong sense of energy and warmth at the same time. The natural contrasts are as good as it gets and there is much to explore in this rather minimalist photograph. Should I get out my skateboard again? Keep up the great work Franz and Sally!" Vijce


Geometrieva 🇸🇬

"Do I really need to say anything? Having been to Japan recently, this photo is crazier than the place itself. Urban photography at its best!" Vijce


Toby Harriman 🇺🇸

"Toby, 10/10 points! I've never seen someone portray surfing in such an artistic way. The post-processing is on point and as a big fan of minimalism, I'm impressed!" Vijce


Alex Robertson 🇬🇧

"That is the definition of golden light and perfect technical skills to capture it. The two women immediately pop out thanks to the great natural contrasts! Wonderful" Vijce


Renaud Julian 🇫🇷

"Although I'm not 100% sure, I think that the moment is more of a portrait. However, it feels just as amazing, because the composition and scenery is breathtaking! On top of that, the editing is 10/10!" Vijce

Antonio Valletta eye heart and soul ehs 123151

"So calm, so mellow and so harmonic. Wow, what a beautiful moment you've captured, Antonio! I've never gone fishing, but with moments like these it's time! Stay awesome!" Vijce