EHS Finest: 8 Fine Art Street Photographers You Should Follow Today


Today, I want to present to you the incredible artworks of the following street photographers: 

Franz Steiner from the US, Masashi Wakui from Japan, Stijn Hoekstra from the Netherlands, Alexander Mueller from Germany, Nader Saadallah from Egypt, Aeforia from Canada, Ashraful Arefin from Bangladesh and Thomas Ciszewski from France.

Under every photo, you will also find a bit of an explanation why the photo works so well. I hope that way you can learn something while experiencing these awesome artworks.



Street Photography Lesson: Doesn't it look awesome how Masashi makes the viewer wander from umbrella to umbrella? Loads of interesting details in the background such as the people and the buildings. The split-toning in post-processing really makes this shot!

To Masashi: Your street photos always feel like a vacation in Tokyo to me. Vijce


Franz Steiner 🇺🇸

Street Photography Lesson: Do you see how Franz makes the skateboarder pop out of the frame? The composition put all the focus on the subject without any distracting details.

To Franz: As a former skateboarder, you make me want to skate again! Vijce



Street Photography Lesson: Street photography doesn't necessarily need to show faces. This is a perfect example of a beautiful scenery with golden backlight. Besides, the street serves as a line that goes from the car to the background.

To Stijn: Cuba was al sinds jaren op mijn lijst, maar nu echt hè! Vijce



Street Photography Lesson: This street photo benefits from the different layers. The shattered glass in the foreground, the person in the middle and the car and signs in the background.

To Alex: Macht mich wirklich glücklich, deine tolle Entwicklung zu sehen. Wahnsinn! Vijce



Nader Saadallah 🇪🇬

Street Photography Lesson: The composition is incredible. Take a look at how the subjects are taking you from the bottom left to the right and then back to the left. The steam adds another layer of contrasts.

To Nader: So happy that I discovered your work. You are an amazing street photographer! Vijce



Aeforia 🇨🇦

Street Photography Lesson: Minimalist street photography at its best! There is a silhouette with a strong natural contrast, a dark bottom half and a brighter top half. So simple, but so great!

To Aeforia: I love your mix of digital art and fine art photography. You are sooo creative! Vijce


Street Photography Lesson: The whole frame revolves around the central subject. It's right in the center and conveys a sense of harmony. By hiding the rider's face through the back light, the photo raises more questions than it answers.

To Thomas: Man, I love that whole set. So well captured and processed! Vijce




Street Photography Lesson: The subject really stands out because of her red robe. It's a perfect contrast with the blue water behind her. Besides, the approaching boat really adds yet another interesting subject to the frame.

To Ashraful: You know how much I love your powerful street rock! Vijce


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