EHS FINEST: The World's 30 Best Fine Art Street Photographers (Q2, 2017)


I honestly don't know what's harder:

Shooting the best street photo in the world...or finding the best street photographers out there. During the last years, street photography and especially fine art street photography has evolved into one of the most popular genres in photography.  If you want to learn more about fine art street photography, you'll find your answers here.

With this massive flood of new street photographers, it's really challenging to keep track of the best ones out there. It also breaks my heart to see when a street photographer is insanely creative, but never gets the stage he or she deserves.

That's one of the reasons why I started Eye, Heart & Soul. As the world's first fine art street photography label, EHS has the mission to promote and empower the most ambitious one's out there.

That's why this curated list has 2 main goals:

* Help you discover inspirational street photographers 

* Help highly creative street photographers to get more exposure for their work

It is yet another challenge to determine where street photography begins and ends. Eye, Heart & Soul operates with this street photography definition:

Street photography is about capturing candid moments of strangers in public.

  I See You  by  Vijce  | Bangkok, 2015

I See You by Vijce | Bangkok, 2015

You could shoot strangers on the street, in a park, at the beach or even in the mountains. To me, it really doesn't matter where exactly golden moments occur - as long as they are real.

EHS considers urban and travel photography as part of the street photography realm. Whether you fly to Asia to shoot strangers or do it in your own town doesn't really matter in the end as far as the definition is concerned.

What about street portraits? Although street portraits (where you ask strangers for spontaneous portraits) are not really candid, they also belong to the genre as far as I see it given its spontaneous nature. For this list, I've included a few street portrait photographers as well. However, these are also street photographers. I might curate a separate list for those in the future.


What are the exact criteria to end up on this list of fine art street photographers?

As you can imagine, there is no ultimate answer when it comes to the question who's the best or most creative. However, after working as a professional fine art street photographer for many years now, I have developed a pretty elaborate overview of the genre by now.

  Urban Lights  by  Vijce  | Düsseldorf, 2013

Urban Lights by Vijce | Düsseldorf, 2013

Based on my experience as an award judge, art curator, creative consultant and fine art label manager, I've evaluated the body of work of fine art street photographers worldwide by 12 major factors for you.

Let me explain them real quick so you get a better idea of my approach and reasoning. Besides, you can evaluate your own street photography and that of others with it as well:

1. Aesthetic Appeal: How powerful is the street photo on a visual level? Would you consider it eye-candy or does it look rather bland? When it comes to fine art street photography, reduction and contrasts are key to success.

2. Emotional Impact: Does the street photo touch your heart or appeal to you on an emotional level? Can you feel something when you are experiencing the street photographer's photos and story? A street photo doesn't need to show brutal war scenes or corny romantic moments to do so. Sometimes, it's just an indescribable feel you get!

3. Artistic Expression: Is the street photographer expressing his inner creative child? Are the photos related to him or her as a person? Great street photos always reveal something about the fine art photographer behind them. How much soul does someone pour into his or her photos?

4. Originality of Signature: How unique is the style and signature of the street photographer. Do you immediately recognize that it's him or her? Or do the street photos feel remixed and copied from others? If someone has a unique and original signature, you would spot these photos under thousands.

5. Artistic Development: How much has the street photographer evolved throughout the last weeks, months and years. Is there a positive development on a creative level?

6. Range of Photo Projects: Is the street photographer only producing singles (single shot) or is he or she also producing albums (3-20 photos with a particular concept and coherent style)? 

7. Technical Excellence: How professional is the street photographer when it comes to the technical aspects? Are the photos well produced or does the photographer lack technical skills. Blurry images and wrong focus are typical examples.

8. Future Potential: How much potential does someone have as a fine art street photographer? Can we expect an incredible body of work and artist persona down the road or are a few good shots all there is?

9. Influence on Street Photography: Is the street photographer pushing the limits of street photography? Does he or she create new ways to capture life on the street?

10. Inspirational Power: How inspirational is the street photographer and his or her body of work? Does he or she inspire others to start shooting as well for instance?

11. Post-Processing: How well are the street photos post-processed? Was the development of the shots neglected or does the editing enhance the street photos? 

12. Influence on Photography: Is the street photographer having an impact on photographers in general? Does his or her story, body of work and style inspire and influence photographers outside the realm of street photography?

  Retina  by  Vijce  | Düsseldorf, 2013

Retina by Vijce | Düsseldorf, 2013

I curate this list as objectively as possible, but of course it's also a representation of my very own taste in fine art street photography. Consider this list as an official commendation of my fine art street photography label Eye, Heart & Soul.

Without further ado, I would love to present to you the world's 30 best fine art street photographers for the second quarter of 2017. Although I consider a street photographer's overall development and body of work, this curation put special emphasis on this quarter.

The list is in alphabetical order. You can decide for yourself which ones strike you as most creative. Make sure to click a bit through their social channels and websites to get a better impression. For every photographer, I've written a little personal message why I love their work so much. 

No matter who you consider excellent, please support them all. Check out their story and portfolio and may they inspire you creatively!


The World's 30 Best Fine Art Street Photographers presented to you by Eye, Heart & Soul


Tamas Andok 🇭🇺


"Tamas, you really contribute to the genre of street photography through your innovative approach. I've never seen a style like yours before and I'm really curious to see what you develop next!" Vijce


"The way you capture life on the streets in such a reduced way like in the photo above, is absolutely incredible. When I discovered you a while ago, I immediately fell in love with your style and signature! Vijce




Elsa, you have such a unique sense for colors and atmosphere. The way you portray urban environments brings out so much of the heart and soul of these places. Elsa, you are amazing! Vijce




Cedric, when I coached you in Cambodia your passion and creativity blew me away. You are an absolute hidden gem among the fine art street photographers of the world. You have such an amazing feel for colors, patterns, people and vibes on the street! Cedric, we want to see more! Vijce

 Nico Ferrara

Nico Ferrara 🇮🇹


Nico, you are not only a fantastic fine art street photographer, but you also co-founded the Superluna Collective with Daniele Martire recently! You have so much potential, which makes me really curious what your next project will be. Nico, stay awesome! Vijce


"Emily (who is also member of SPi), you always amaze me with your unique mix of artistic expression and photo journalism. Your photos offer such an interesting perspective on the world around and far away from us." Vijce


"Francoise, what can you not shoot well? Your incredibly diverse portfolio speaks for itself. Especially your album "Surfers on Concrete" still amazes me to this day! Félicitations, Françoise!" Vijce


Cristi Hancu 🇷🇴


Cristi, you have such an exceptional feeling for life on the streets. When I stumbled upon the fine art street photo above, I knew you were an incredible street photographer. Post-processing, tonality and contrasts are superb! Keep following the sun, my friend! Vijce


Skander Khlif 🇩🇪


"When I discovered your body of work, Skander, I had to stand up in order to sit down again. Man, you are unstoppable. You have such a diverse portfolio that carries a unique signature that only you could produce!" Vijce


Yann Macherez 🇫🇷


Yann, the way you capture life around us is one of a kind. Your powerful mix of artistic and journalistic photography impresses me deeply. Especially the street photo above blows me away to this day. Vijce


Daniele Martire 🇮🇹


Daniele (Superluna Collective), you are insanely creative. Yes, absolutely insane in the best way possible. The range of street photography styles you have interpreted deserves all the props in the world. Daniele, please never stop innovating this great genre! Vijce


Christophe, you truly pour all your eye, heart and soul into your street photos. I can tell that you capture life between the lines. You are a true artist that will bless us now and in the future with your interpretations of street photography! Vijce




Isabel, you offer a fantastic mix of colors, human elements and urban sceneries to me! Whenever I see your photos, I can feel your signature. Your compositions are just brilliant! Isabel, stay lovely! Vijce




Stuart, you have such a unique signature and way of telling your street stories. It amazes me how you convey the feeling of observing a movie scene from your unique perspective. Your body of work feels like a captivating show to me that I can't stop watching. Vijce


Iwona Pinkowicz 🇬🇧


Iwona, you have a heart of gold. In your new album you portray people on the street, who share their personal dream. That is your signature right there! Your sense for unique characters deeply impresses me! Vijce


Molly Porter 🇺🇸


Molly, you really make me want to hit the streets of Chicago...which I will next year. Whether you do street portraits or candid moments, you know how to bring out the best in people. You rock, Molly! Vijce


Craig (SPi), you show an incredible development! You have such a fine eye for every day moments. Whether you shoots silhouettes or people up close, your street photos convey a sense of depth and magic to me. You keep amazing me, mate! Vijce


Alex Robertson 🇬🇧


When I discovered your body of work, Alex, I immediately wanted to pack my things and travel again. Whether you go to India or Hong Kong, you know how to pour the atmosphere of the streets into your photos. Your feeling for colors and contrasts are quite impressive! Vijce


Josh Sloan Rose 🇺🇸


Josh, your street photography is so aesthetic and cool at the same time. I can feel the street vibes of Los Angeles in your photos. Your signature is beautiful and I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work! Vijce


Marcin Ryczek 🇵🇱


When I saw your photo above, Marcin, I knew you were a great photographer. However, when I took a look at your portfolio, I saw the rest of your impressive body of work. I love the journalistic nature of your photos! Vijce


Alan Schaller 🇬🇧


Alan, you are an exceptional street photographer and co-founder of SPi. It shows how much street photography means to you! Your monochrome street photos are powerful and deep to me. The way you capture souls through your street photos is one of a kind. Alan, hats off to you, mate! Vijce




Ron, you deserve all the fame in the world! What an exceptional street photographer you are. You have such a unique and gentle feel for the fine moments of every day life. If you keep shooting the way you do, you will become one of the very big ones! Vijce


Tatsuo Suzuki 🇯🇵


Tatsuo-san, you have such a unique style! The way you capture life on Tokyo's streets is remarkable. Although I love minimalist signatures, you prove that a more vibrant and "chaotic" style can be just as powerful and impressive. Vijce


Jasper Tejano 🇵🇭


Jasper, I love how you pour all of your eye, heart and soul into your street photos. I celebrate your commitment and passion so much. The way you capture silhouettes and colors is outstanding! Stay awesome, Jasper! Vijce


Arun Titan 🇮🇳


Arun, you are an amazing street photographer! The street photo above says it all! You convince with your exceptional feel for colors, natural contrasts and powerful compositions. Arun buddy, keep em coming! Vijce


Daniel Tjongari 🇮🇩


Daniel, you have such an impressive body of work. Your sense for reduction and contrasts really brings out the beauty of the world you experience every day. Vijce


Vasco Trancoso 🇵🇹 


Vasco, I only discovered you in this quarter and I'm so happy I did! You are a highly creative street photographer with so much potential. Thank you for pushing color street photography forward and showing us your unique mix of colors, raw street scenes and powerful silhouettes! Vijce


Alessio, you are a true artist to me! Your fine art street photos are so magical and beautiful in the way they show your every day life and travels. You truly offer us a different perspective on the world. Vijce


Antonio, you made me fall in love with Italy even more! Although I love this color street photo of yours above, the way you handle black and white photography is supreme. You have a remarkable sense for aesthetics. Grandioso, amico mio! Vijce


Masashi Wakui 🇯🇵


Masashi-San, your feeling for colors and the atmosphere on Tokyo's streets is breathtaking! You have such a unique signature! The post-processing in your street photos is absolutely brilliant! Vijce

  MAXIMINIMAL  by  Vijce  | Sydney, 2014

MAXIMINIMAL by Vijce | Sydney, 2014

I hope you enjoyed Eye, Heart & Soul's Global Top 30 of the world's best fine art street photographers for the second quarter of 2017! Make sure to check out the portfolios of the listed street photographers, send them a new supportive message and start following their work!

As much effort as I pour into these curations, it's so easy to miss someone. If you have the feeling that you belong on this list or you know someone that does, please reach out to me. That way I can make sure that EHS has more and more fine art street photographers on the radar for the next quarter!

Every day you'll find more brilliant fine art street photographers on our Instagram Channel, Twitter Page and Facebook Page

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