EHS Finest: The World's 25 Best Fine Art Photographers (Q1 2017)


By now, there are roughly 2.6 Billion photographers in the world if you consider smartphone cameras as well. Ever since digital photography and social media conquered our world by storm, we are surrounded by an endless ocean of photos every day.

Eye, Heart & Soul's mission is to present to you the world's best fine art photographers and their golden moments. In order to save you the trouble of wading through that endless flood of photos, I spent the last years researching the best uprising fine art photographers in the world. Today, I'd love to present to you the top 25 in fine art photography right now. Before you'll experience the photography gold I dug up, I'd love to give you a brief overview of fine art as a concept and my research.

What is fine art photography?

Fine art photography revolves around the rather subjective reality and artistic vision of the photographer. Journalistic photography, however, aims to portray reality as objectively as possible in order to raise awareness. While both can convey all sorts of messages, fine art photography is generally more aesthetic by nature. EHS defines the creative challenge of fine art photographers as such:

"Fine art photographers express their eye, heart and soul through technically excellent and aesthetic photographs that carry their unique artistic signature and message."

Fine art photography is certainly defined by those who create and enjoy experiencing it. What is considered technically excellent or aesthetic always underlies the judgement of the fine art photographer and the person who loves to experience it. No matter how you define the individual aspects of it, one element has to be uniquely defined:

The Fine Art Photographer's Signature.

The beauty and interpretation of those signature lies in the eye of the beholder, however, the style's features should generally be agreed on. A unique signature is incredibly precious, innovative and vital for many different reasons. It not only serves as a lighthouse in the infinite ocean of photographs, it also serves as a source of inspiration and driver of innovation for fellow photographers as well as the art form itself.


Since When Did I Curate the Fine Art Photography World?

In 2013, I started working as a fine art photographer for a living. However, since your fellow fine art photographers don't sit next to you in an office, you simply don't bump into them. They are spread all over the world and web. Ever since 2014, I've been actively curating the world's most original fine art photographers for my labels, magazine and as a judge in international fine art photography contests. 


What are the exact criteria to end up on the list?

The 25 fine art photographers that made it to the top 25 were judged and selected based on a wide range of factors. In order to help you evaluate for yourself who's the most impressive and original fine art photographer, you'll find a number of criteria below:

Aesthetic Appeal

Emotional Impact

Artistic Expression

Originality of Signature

Artistic Development

Range of Photo Projects

Technical Excellence


Inspirational Power

Influence on Genre

Influence on Photography

Future Potential

Below you'll find the list for the global top 25 in fine art photography right now. Although the first quarter is already over, I thought it might be a great idea to evaluate the fine art scene till then. I'll curate another list for the 2nd quarter of 2017 to keep you in the loop.

I would kindly invite you to check out the whole portfolio of the presented photographers. Some are hobbyists, others are semi-professional and yet others do it for a living. They all ended up on the list due to their outstanding creative performance on the above mentioned criteria. I've kept track with most of their developments for many years by now and I can't wait to see how much of their eye, heart and soul they will unleash in the future!

The list is in no particular order since all listed fine art photographers are from different backgrounds and genres. 


Eye, Heart & Soul's

Global Top 25


Alan Schaller 🇬🇧


Ale Rodrigues 🇧🇷


Masashi Wakui 🇯🇵


Brandon Kidwell 🇺🇸


Tatsuo Suzuki 🇯🇵


Tim Collins 🇬🇧


Lino Russo 🇮🇹


Ron See 🇦🇺


Elsa Bleda 🇿🇦


Nico Ferrara 🇮🇹


Isabel Padilla 🇪🇸


Daniele Martire 🇮🇹 


Daniel Koehler 🇩🇪


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