How My Street Photography Almost Got Me Killed


I've always said that I love street photography so much that I would die for it. However, I didn't expect the Universe to call me out on it.

Getting that one shot almost got me killed once...


How it all happened...

A few years ago, I was producing a street photography album in Seoul. The South-Korean capital looked amazing after dark. I spent night after night wandering the streets to discover more golden moments.

  Well...Okay  by  Vijce  | Seoul, 2013

Well...Okay by Vijce | Seoul, 2013

One night, I stumbled upon a nice scenery in Gangnam (the area from the famous song). Traffic was heavy in that area. I loved how the flashy cars always lit up the subjects from the back. It looked like this:

  Farewell, My Soulmate  by  Vijce  | Seoul, 2013

Farewell, My Soulmate by Vijce | Seoul, 2013

In order to get more exciting perspectives, I moved from the side walk to the street. With my eyes on the traffic lights and cars, I quickly took a photo and went back.

For one shot, I followed a gorgeous lady down the street. She was perfectly lit up by some headlights in the distance. I thought it was some sort of living street since some people walked in the middle. Unfortunately, I couldn't read any of the signs.


The moment I "saw the light"

While I was composing the shot, a car suddenly made a right turn and entered our street at high speed. All of a sudden, I was blinded by the headlights that were only a few feet away from us. My subject quickly jumped to the side...

....but my problem was that I had crouched down behind her.

  Rush Hour  by  Vijce  | Seoul, 2013

Rush Hour by Vijce | Seoul, 2013

I immediately hit the panic button. Literally. As dumb as it sounds, but my camera took a photo when I tried to pull myself up on it to escape. Through a weird duck walk combined with an awkward hop to the side, I dodged the car only by a few inches...

Although I still love to take risks for my street photography, I got a bit more careful after this incident. Did you ever put yourself in danger for that one shot or know someone that did? 

I'd love to hear your stories:


Is there a moral to this story?

1) I was a moron for being so reckless and blindly trusting some locals.

2) Don't take "street photography" too literally.

3) Just in case: Small hops are definitely faster than duck walking!