Eye, Heart & Soul
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EHS Fine Art Street Photography workshops

  Farfalla  by Vijce | Montepulciano, 2016

Farfalla by Vijce | Montepulciano, 2016

Learn how to shoot well from a distance. 

You may have read here and there that you have to get closer in order to evoke emotions.

However, that couldn't be further from the truth! As long as you place your subject well in the scenery and feel the moment, it's all it takes!

Let's take a step back, shoot from a respectful distance - and fear won't stand in your way anymore!

Learn how to Capture the Magic of a moment.

Shooting from further way not only respects people's space, it also lends depth to your photos. Great photos raise more questions than they answer, right?

I will teach you how to capture the connection between a subject and its scenery.

  Urban Lights  by Vijce | Düsseldorf, 2013

Urban Lights by Vijce | Düsseldorf, 2013

  Train of Thought  by Vijce | Amsterdam, 2016

Train of Thought by Vijce | Amsterdam, 2016

learn how to shoot gently from up close.

Of course, you can still shoot someone from up close. However, it's a matter of how smart and gentle you do it.

You'll learn many different approaches to shoot closer without interrupting someone's personal moment - or making it uncomfortable for both of you.

It's all a question of how you approach a moment!

learn how to Post-Process on a professional level!

As much as the photo itself counts, post-processing takes it to a professional level! I'll show you all my editing tips, tricks and strategies that have changed my street photos forever.

We'll go through everything step by step so you can use it for your own photos as well!


A street photography workshop like no other

quality & references


Create Your Own Signature and Style

Practical Learning Combined with In-Depth, Easy-to-Understand Theory

Innovative Strategies that Skyrocket your Street Photography

21-Times Award-Winning Professional Fine Art Street Photographer As Your Coach

See and Feel the World Like Never Before

Scientifically Based Creative Strategies That Have a Proven Success Track Record


Street photographers love the workshops:


"Hi Marius,

I wanted to say big thanks for the amazing weekend we had in
Amsterdam. It was really exciting and eye-opening

The weekend made me more confident about my potential in photography, and
most importantly how I can contribute to the world by telling my
positive stories through art.

Yes, art. I think that was the most powerful revelation that weekend... I want to be an artist!!! Making photos is just the initial canvas of what will be the expression of myself in a final product."

Thank you for that!!!"

Joaquin (Austria)

"Hey Marius,

You've done an exceptional job! Your commitment was outstanding and inspiring!

Thank you for being so open-minded and allowing us to open up as well! When we discussed our photos in that lovely cafe on Sunday, I though for a moment: "This must've been the way Bresson & Co sat together in a Parisian Cafe to talk street photography."

It was incredible!

Christof (Germany)


Hi Marius,

Thanks a lot again for the weekend workshop - the experiences I had there are far more meaningful and precious than the technical lessons usually taught in common photography workshops - you showed and shared yourself with us, against the value of which all of the material riches in the world are worthless.

You touched my heart and soul and I was deeply moved.

Cyn (Germany)


Hi Marius,

thank you very much for the interesting weekend in Amsterdam. I have taken a lot of information and inspiring sparks from it! After looking at your great images "Bresson"  and "Retina"  I just wanted to meet you. 

I am already trying to be an artist, but what your articles and workshop showed me was what this exactly means. Photos don't have to be photo realistic like all camera manufacturers want to make us believe. No matter how we create our photos, what really matters is that we express our eye, heart and soul in them!

Expressing your eye, heart and soul is challenging, but it's more than worth it. You've convinced me! Eye, Heart & Soul means for me to connect inner beauty and beautiful moments in the world around us. 

Thank you again Marius for the workshop in Amsterdam and offering me a piece of the nice tasting cake called city breaks.

Andreas (Germany)