Early 2015: Rising from the dead

 Self-Portrait: Invincible | Thuine, 2015

Self-Portrait: Invincible | Thuine, 2015

To remember winning this deadly fight, I captured one last self-portrait in my deep, dark inner winter. After half a year of fighting for my life, I was ready to fight for my dream again.

But first, I needed to get my feet back on the ground with a safe and secure office job.

An old college friend of mine reached out to me from Amsterdam. Her online marketing company needed a trilingual online marketeer. I accepted their offer right away since I loved the Netherlands ever since I moved there when I was 18 years old.

I was so psyched before I left that I produced my first set in a year called "The Road Not Taken":

  It Was Grassy And Wanted Wear  | Tecklenburg, 2015

It Was Grassy And Wanted Wear | Tecklenburg, 2015

I packed the few things I hadn't sold and hopped on the next train. The second I walked outside Amsterdam's central station, my inner child screamed:


Before, I used to live in the East of the country. At that point, I had lived in a range of places, but nothing ever felt like a "home sweet home".

To me, Amsterdam was love on first sight!

In order to remember this feeling forever, I captured the golden moment below. Before, I had lost the love for life, myself and my street photography - and finally, I won it back!

  One Night In Amsterdam  | Amsterdam, 2015

One Night In Amsterdam | Amsterdam, 2015

Amsterdam gave me everything I ever wanted: the ultimate artistic freedom, a million tremendously open-minded, unique and laid back people with 185 nationalities and a home that feels like a painting.

To me, it's the most inspiring place in the world!

For some odd reason, I didn't even mind working in an office again. The stability it offered really helped me focus on my dream again.

If I wasn't out with friends, I literally spent every free minute I had to improve and sell my fine art street photo prints again.

 Retina (Fine Art Print) | Amsterdam, 2015

Retina (Fine Art Print) | Amsterdam, 2015

My life and dream was back on track again! I felt alive and kicking after such a brutal hell ride 2014...

...till I got laid off after only 2 months due to corporate downsizing.