Mid/Late 2015: Hustling around the world

BAM! Wait, why I am standing down here on the street again?

"Dad, I just got laid off. But don't worry, my boxing gloves still fit and I'm ready to fight again! I'm not going under."

The next morning, I started chasing my dream the second I woke up. I had learned so much about life and fine art street photography in the last years, that I decided to become an author as well.

In the course of the next months I spent all day promoting my artworks, sharpening my fine art street photography signature and writing my books and editorial articles for photography magazines.

I hustled day in and day out to make it and it paid off! I not only ended up in the Top 10 Arts & Culture of 100.000 submission at the World Photography Awards - they loved my artwork so much that they advertised with it for the exhibition all over London City!

After countless months of fighting for my fine art street photography, I finally got the recognition I always worked for.

At another contest in Dubai, they also fell in love with my artwork MAXIMINIMAL. They even hired a painter to honor it. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it:

 MAXIMINIMAL | HIPA Contest Shortlist in Dubai, 2015

MAXIMINIMAL | HIPA Contest Shortlist in Dubai, 2015

As much as I love Amsterdam, it's a rather expensive place to live. In order to save money and produce fine art street photos, I had to leave Amsterdam.

Since I didn't own anything besides a carry-on and a camera backpack, I was free as a bird.

But before I took off, I met Steve Mc Curry in Amsterdam that year!

 Vijce and Steve Mc Curry | Amsterdam, 2015

Vijce and Steve Mc Curry | Amsterdam, 2015

In 2015 I hustled around the world as a nomad between Amsterdam, Portugal, Turkey, England, Germany and South-East Asia. To push my fine art street photography further and keep expenses low, I spent almost two months in Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia.

Although I was really struggling to get by, I felt like I was on top of the world. On a sightseeing tour in Amsterdam, I skyrocketed to heaven when I met my American muse Saskia. She was from Miami and just spent a few days in Amsterdam for business.

As crazy as the distance between Miami and Amsterdam was, we just fell for each other! In order to be with her, I spent as much time as possible with her in Miami. She inspired and pushed me like no other!


I always loved the United States for their incredibly positive mindset when it comes to believing in yourself and chasing your dream.

That's why to this day, the US feels like my second home

In 2015, I also published the first limited issue of my very own fine art photography magazine. We spent months curating the best fine art photographers around the world, designing the layout and optimizing the print quality.

I couldn't believe it, when we sold out the first issue to art collector's and fine art lovers from all over the world. Design giant Adobe called it a "World-Class Fine Art Photography Magazine"!

 Neoprime Mag Limited Issue 1 | Bangkok 2015

Neoprime Mag Limited Issue 1 | Bangkok 2015

As exciting as it sounds to constantly travel around the world, it really takes a toll on you after a while.

I experienced so many different things that I didn't see the forest for the trees anymore at the end of the year.

Working 24/7 to push my fine art street photography exhausted me endlessly. The constant jet lag and lack of routine flared up my anxiety and depression again.

When Saskia and I decided to break up (eventually we became best friends) at the end of the year, I drowned again. At the time, the world was literally my home - till it caved in...