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Marius "VICE" VIeth

Fine Art Street Photographer

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21 International Awards (EXCERPT)





Thomas Cook "Explore The Elements" Winner 2015


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Requirements & Skills

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Language Skills

Eye, Heart & Soul Workshops are taught in English. However, I also speak fluent German and Dutch. To communicate even better with you, I'm learning French, Italian, Spanish & Japanese at the moment.


Any camera is fine as long as you are familiar with your camera. We won't cover the absolute basics. However, if you aren't sure about something, I will help you real quick. For the post-processing training, you should bring a laptop. If you don't have one, I'll also explain it for you on the big screen.

Street Photography Skills

This street photography workshop is made for beginners and intermediate street photographers. You know how to use your camera and basic composition rules, but you want your street photos to stand out more.

The goal is to take your street photos to a much more unique, impactful and professional level!

Attitude & Background

This workshop is tailored towards all cultures, colors and educational backgrounds as long you are open-minded, tolerant and eager to improve.

Whether you are 18 or 99, we are united in diversity at Eye, Heart & Soul!


schedule & content

Street Photography Workshop


Workshop Day I, Saturday

10AM-11AM: Ready, Set, Get Creative!

Welcome to Amsterdam and your personal EHS workshop experience! We will all get to know each other and I will tell a bit about the approach and goals of the workshop. In order to tailor the workshop more to your needs, I will also make sure that you get help with your individual goals, issues and challenges.


11AM-12PM: The Eye, Heart & Soul Strategy

You'll learn more about the approach and impact of the Eye, Heart & Soul strategy. Why does it work so well? What is the benefit for your photography? How can you apply it successfully yourself? You'll understand the importance of each element and the connection between the three.

12-1PM: Explore & Capture Your Eye!

Open your eyes to the world around and within you like never before. You'll learn how to see the world with different eyes: your Eye!

You'll not only improve your feeling for colors and tones, but also how to make them "pop"!

You'll also hit the streets of Amsterdam to apply your new skills and unleash your eye even more!


1PM-2PM: Taste Heart & Soul!

Let's turn this workshop into an exciting experience for all your senses! Whether you love it hearty, sweet or healthy, you'll taste the best Amsterdam has to offer!

Enjoy your well-deserved break to relax, shoot the streets of Amsterdam or simply chat with other golden souls!

2PM-3PM: Explore & Capture Your Heart

You only capture your viewer's hearts if you capture your own first. You'll learn how to use any emotions for your photography! Besides that, you'll even learn how to transform negative feelings into incredible photos! 

To make your heart beat faster, we'll capture the hearts of Amsterdam's most unique souls! 


4PM-5PM: Explore & Capture Your Eye, Heart & Soul

You'll learn how to unite all these three elements into one photo and style. You always need all 3 or otherwise your photo will either lack strong visuals, emotional impact or a connection to you as a person.

We'll also talk about how to keep them aligned and which mistakes to avoid!


3PM-4PM: Explore & Capture Your Soul!

Experience how to enter your creative goldmine for incredibly unique and outstanding photos: your Soul. You will learn how to pour more of yourself into your photos. That way, they will become more and more your photos

Together with the rest of the group, you'll explore outside where you can find yourself in your subjects!


5PM-6PM: Essential Street Photography Lessons & Mistakes

As an artist, I would never dictate your style. However, there are certain mistakes that ruin street photos no matter how you shoot them.

Besides that, I'll reveal my 10 golden rules for powerful street photos that simply stand out!

We'll recap the first day and also take some more time for your individual questions!

Workshop Day II, Sunday

10AM-1PM: Street Photo Review & Strategy

Let's review your photos and take them to the next level! We will make sure that your Eye, Heart & Soul shines through your photos.

We'll go through all major visual elements such as composition, contrasts and colors as well as the subject, scenery and signature! 


2PM-4PM: Professional Post-Processing

You'll learn the secret to success when it comes to developing your golden moments! What's too much, what's too little? What's the difference between amateur and professional post-processing?

After a little bit of theory, you'll dive right into polishing your photo on a professional level! 

1PM-2PM: Taste Heart & Soul...and Relax

In order to be visually creative, you need to stimulate your other senses as well. That's why we will indulge in tasty soul food that will make your heart beat faster!

Besides, you can relax for a bit, take some more photos or enjoy the beauty of Amsterdam!

4PM-6PM: Unleash Your Eye, Heart & Soul Forever!

You ignited your creative fire! Now it's time to make sure that your inner child keeps playing with it! You'll learn hands-on strategies that help you keep your Eye, Heart & Soul vibrant and creative in the long-term.

That way, it's guaranteed that each and every one of your next photos makes your photography more unique, creative and professional!


which scenery do you want?

Scenery, dates & tickets


AMSTERDAM'S GOLDEN SUMMER  (July 1st and 2nd 2017)

Experience Amsterdam as sunny and vibrating as it gets. Your photos will illuminate through highly unique characters, long shadows, incredible contrasts and gently warm tones!

There is no place in the world like Amsterdam in the summer. Ready to capture it?

All Weekend Street Workshop: $800

Limited Tickets Available

AMSTERDAM'S RED AND YELLOW FALL (September 30th and October 1st 2017)

An incredibly exciting visual mix of cold and warm, wet and dry, sunny and rainy and red and yellow. On top of that, your photos will be blessed with golden light!

Ready to dive into in a vibrant pool of endless umbrellas?

All Weekend Street Workshop: $800

Limited Tickets Available


AMSTERDAM'S BLUE AND WHITE WINTER (January 20th and 21st 2018)

As soon as the sun sets, countless colorful lights illuminate the picturesque snowy nights of Amsterdam. It's cold, it's windy, but boy it a once-in-a-lifetime experience to shoot here!

It may be cold, but seeing Amsterdam wrapped in white is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

All Weekend Street Workshop: $800

Limited Tickets Available

AMSTERDAM'S ALL COLORS SPRING (April 13th and 14th 2018)

An explosion of spring colors will transform your photos into unique artworks. Experience the whole rainbow of colors, people and moments that Amsterdam has to offer!

Brace yourself for an ocean of tulips, cherry blossoms and golden moments! 

All Weekend Street Workshop: $800

Limited Tickets Available


A street workshop like no other

quality & references


Unique Workshop Location In The Heart Of Amsterdam City

Practical Learning Combined with In-Depth, Easy-to-Understand Theory

Official EHS Academy Certification upon Completion

21-Times Award-Winning Street Photographer As Your Coach

Experience the most Creative City in the World like Never Before

Scientifically Based Creative Strategies That Have a Proven Success Track Record


Street photographers love the workshops:


"Hi Marius,

I wanted to say big thanks for the amazing weekend we had in
Amsterdam. It was really exciting and eye-opening

The weekend made me more confident about my potential in photography, and
most importantly how I can contribute to the world by telling my
positive stories through art.

Yes, art. I think that was the most powerful revelation that weekend... I want to be an artist!!! Making photos is just the initial canvas of what will be the expression of myself in a final product."

Thank you for that!!!"

Joaquin (Austria)

"Hey Marius,

You've done an exceptional job! Your commitment was outstanding and inspiring!

Thank you for being so open-minded and allowing us to open up as well! When we discussed our photos in that lovely cafe on Sunday, I though for a moment: "This must've been the way Bresson & Co sat together in a Parisian Cafe to talk street photography."

It was incredible!

Christof (Germany)


Hi Marius,

Thanks a lot again for the weekend workshop - the experiences I had there are far more meaningful and precious than the technical lessons usually taught in common photography workshops - you showed and shared yourself with us, against the value of which all of the material riches in the world are worthless.

You touched my heart and soul and I was deeply moved.

Cyn (Germany)


Hi Marius,

thank you very much for the interesting weekend in Amsterdam. I have taken a lot of information and inspiring sparks from it! After looking at your great images "Bresson"  and "Retina"  I just wanted to meet you. 

I am already trying to be an artist, but what your articles and workshop showed me was what this exactly means. Photos don't have to be photo realistic like all camera manufacturers want to make us believe. No matter how we create our photos, what really matters is that we express our eye, heart and soul in them!

Expressing your eye, heart and soul is challenging, but it's more than worth it. You've convinced me! Eye, Heart & Soul means for me to connect inner beauty and beautiful moments in the world around us. 

Thank you again Marius for the workshop in Amsterdam and offering me a piece of the nice tasting cake called city breaks.

Andreas (Germany)


Any questions left?

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Frequently asked questions

Will I get my money back if the workshop wasn't to my satisfaction?

Of course! You have a 100% Money-Back-Guarantee! If I couldn't provide enough value for you, I honestly don't want your well-earned money. It just feels wrong to me. I want us both to be as happy as it gets.


Is the hotel included in the ticket?

As long as I can't offer you a room in my own hotel that I can vouch for, I will leave it up to you. Everyone has a different taste that I want to respect. If you needs tips, please ask me and I'll help you! 

How much time do we spent shooting outside?

We will have a perfectly balanced mix between learning new things and applying them right away. We will spend a few hours inside and a few outside. Depending on the needs of the group, we can always slightly adjust the timing.

anything else?

I'm looking forward to hearing from you! 

You can reach out to me in English, German and Dutch. If it's not too complicated, French, Spanish and Italian should be fine, too!